Printing Solutions

Printers, MFPs, supplies, scanners, wide format devices and print management software

Supply of printers, MFPs and cartridges

Complex office equipment with document processing tools. We will select the best solutions for your tasks from among those that are currently presented on the Russian market.

Repair and maintenance of printing equipment

Our own certified specialists will ensure the reliable operation of your printers and MFPs and, if necessary, quickly and efficiently repair printers.

Authorised Service Center of CanonAuthorised Service Partner of XeroxAuthorised Service Partner of Ricoh

Print management systems

Selection, installation and support of printing control systems and printing fleet management.


A wide range of printers and MFPs for home, small and medium businesses
Printing devices born in Taiwan
Printers and MFPs from the Russian brand Katusha
Maintaining your print fleet up and running
On the example of Pantum BM5100 monochrome MFPs
What you need to know about the scanners that come with All-In-Ones
Differences in the types of image development of modern electrographic printing systems.
PCL, PostScript, XPS, PDF, GDI - how printers are being controlled and why it's good to know about it.
Advantages and disadvantages of wireless connection of printing devices
Printer speed: what you need to know about when choosing a device. Or "do not think about seconds down"

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SHARP printing equipment can be purchased from an authorized partner - the GIGANT company
03 february 2023
Brief overview of the market of printing devices in Russia at the beginning of the year
10 january 2023
DELI printers and MFPs arrived to Russia for use in home and small offices
28 december 2022
Ilyinskiy Aleksandr Alekseevich
Consultation with a destination expert
Ilyinskiy Aleksandr Alekseevich
Head of printing division