Software Solutions

Solutions for your IT infrastructure of any direction and level of complexity

We develop and implement complex integration solutions for building enterprise infrastructure, the main characteristics of which are:


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Software supply and licensing

Our experts will offer the best licensing scheme and select the most favorable delivery terms for you.

Implementation of infrastructure IT projects

Creating an effective IT infrastructure is a rather complex process that requires a high level of competencies in various IT areas. Our experts will conduct a SAM audit and help you build your organization's software portfolio.

Migration between software solutions from different vendors

We will help you choose the best solution for import substitution and make the transition from one product to another.

Information Security

Building a corporate information security (IS) system is an important element for the development of not only IT at the enterprise, but also the business as a whole. This allows the company to actively develop innovations, reduce risks, and ensure compliance with legal requirements. Our experts will help you choose a strategy, determine the level of protection you need, and select the best products for your needs.

Updating or extending support for current software

Other Tasks

The company is a partner of many leading Russian and foreign developers of software solutions. 
If the products from our portfolio do not satisfy your request, please contact the sales department and we will quickly find a solution for your needs.


Typical configurations for low complected schools
Multifunctional educational set
One of the most popular services in our portfolio
A small overview of popular Russian-made software products.


Software of a domestic manufacturer in the construction department of a large state corporation.

Новости направления

As part of the agreement, cooperation is organized to market and implement the Iridium line of software products and solutions based on them, as well as the DeepMail mail solution produced by Iridium JSC.
01 december 2023
Demo-stand of Russian solutions for various classes of infrastructure software with the possibility of remote testing.
16 january 2023
Status "Silver Partner" from NPO "Echelon"
07 december 2022
Filatov Eugeniy Sergeevich
Consultation with a destination expert
Filatov Eugeniy Sergeevich
Head of software department