Cloud solutions

SaaS, IaaS and other cloud solutions

IT specialists "GIGANT" offer the following solutions:

Migration to the cloud – transfer of the client's infrastructure to the GIGANT's site;

Private Cloud – dedicated, secure IT infrastructure with unlimited scaling and customization capabilities;

Virtual infrastructure for rent – ready computing resources in a public cloud for building a fault-tolerant IT infrastructure;

Hybrid cloud – Combining the client's IT infrastructure with the GIGANT's cloud resources for flexible load management;

Cloud backup – service for backup and disaster recovery of IT infrastructure in the cloud "GIGANT";

Cloud Mail is a service that allows you to combine the capabilities of email, calendar and task manager. You get a ready-to-work system that is easily scaled and configured in the GIGANT cloud.;

Cloud Storage – Powerful cloud storage for all your files;

The cloud – is the future of technologies for business development.

Kovalev Egor Petrovich
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Kovalev Egor Petrovich