Multimedia solutions

Conference rooms, meeting rooms

Multimedia direction specializes in the design and implementation of complex multimedia systems for large government and corporate customers. Our direction has a unique project experience accumulated by the team over many years of work in the system integration market. To date, many large-scale projects have been implemented for customers from various market segments. Our department is engaged in the provision of professional services for the construction of multimedia infrastructure using market leader technologies and import-substituting solutions.

We are able to implement turnkey projects of any complexity, including the creation of a unique design and 3D visualization of your future meeting room / hall, design and manufacture of furniture, if necessary, construction and installation works, followed by the supply and installation of equipment and commissioning of the entire complex, Based on the results of the work performed, you will receive a complete set of as-built documentation, we will conduct a full-fledged training for your specialists to work with the system, and offer service packages to support events.

Our team has developed several specialized approaches for various business areas:

Educational institutions, this is a typical equipment of multimedia systems for classrooms of various functions, from the usual classroom to the Hall of the Educational Council.

Office or workspace, these are congress systems, video conferencing, displays, interactive control panels, collaboration gateways, and all this will be managed by centralized management systems.

Cultural and entertainment sectors, this is the equipment of cinemas, theaters, stadiums, museums with modern audiovisual systems.

We always strive forward and develop new solutions, taking into account modern realities and current market needs.


The concept of an adaptive multifunctional transformer room.
Integrated solutions for educational institutions


Design, supply and installation of conference room equipment
A set of solutions for the automation of the educational process has been developed and implemented
Meeting room equipment for videoconferencing meetings
Modern videoconferencing facilities for the office of the head of a large organization
Online consultations of clinic doctors for regional patients


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