Client devices

Computers, Laptops, AIOs, Monitors, Thin Clients, Tablets, Smartphones

Call us now and we will prepare an offer!

  • Let's design the optimal solution, including VDI
  • Let's evaluate the load on the client equipment to select the appropriate solution.
  • Let's offer equipment for testing
  • Let's make a final budget estimate of the cost of the technical implementation of the project, including installation and configuration of equipment
  • We will provide service support and warranty service


Supply of products for parallel import (3-6 weeks)

Supply of solutions as part of import substitution


Import substitution services

We offer the implementation of complex projects for the implementation of domestic solutions, within which we can provide the following services:

  • Development of an import substitution strategy
  • Audit of the customer's infrastructure, assessment of the technical feasibility of integrating selected Russian solutions
  • Feasibility study of the transition to the selected solutions. 
  • Design of the customer's infrastructure
  • Preparation of tenders for the purchase of import-independent solutions under 44-FZ and 223-FZ



Ready-made solutions that do not depend on imports
Typical configurations for low complected schools
Complex for elementary school students
Multifunctional educational set


The increase in the number of jobs and increased requirements for protection against cyber threats have led to the need to upgrade the computer equipment fleet
Participant of the Priority 2030 program is replacing computer equipment for use in the educational process
A set of solutions for the automation of the educational process has been developed and implemented

Новости направления

28 december 2022
The GIGANT company becomes a partner of a Russian technology company in the field of Smart Workspace.
09 december 2022
RDW Technology is a Russian manufacturer of computing equipment.
RDW Partner
24 august 2022