IT Infrastucture

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Why is this important?

The lack of a reliable IT infrastructure hinders business development: it is impossible to implement new processes, store and process growing amounts of data, and guarantee quick access to services. GIANT Computer Systems offers a comprehensive solution for creating a fault-tolerant infrastructure. We will calculate the necessary capacities to solve business problems, design and implement turnkey computing equipment.

Let's create a solid foundation for IT services

Построение IT-инфраструктуры

We will audit computing systems, design and create a target infrastructure and develop DR plans. We will help you find bottlenecks in the infrastructure, analyze the current architecture and, if necessary, improve it or create a new one.

The solution will be useful if:

There is not enough computing power to solve the problems of the company, launch new projects
Information systems are being centralized and consolidated
Problems with the availability and performance of information systems

With our solution:

We offer

We will design and implement a reliable IT infrastructure in accordance with business needs: server hardware, data storage systems, backups, server virtualization, software-defined storage (SDS) .

You can

Ensure fault tolerance of IT infrastructure to solve business problems
Get a flexible infrastructure that takes into account the prospects for the development of the company
Increase work efficiency by automating operation processes


The increase in the number of jobs and increased requirements for protection against cyber threats have led to the need to upgrade the computer equipment fleet

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