Deploying a centralized anti-virus protection server

Deploying a centralized anti-virus protection server
We have experts in the field of information security, knowledge and experience in implementing many software products of this class, including Kaspersky, DrWeb, Nod32, etc. But it is on the first that I would like to stop.
Implementation of a solution based on Kaspersky Endpoint Security for business "ADVANCED" or its cloud equivalent from Kaspersky.
Why exactly "ADVANCED" and why we recommend implementation by our organization, as well as its support, not only by ITS from Kaspersky, but also by extended support from "GIANT".

Now we will consider this. So, the main advantages of the "EXTENDED" version according to information from the official site.

There are 4 key differences:

  • Mail and web threat protection and monitoring tools for servers;
  • Adaptive Anomaly Control and Patch Management;
  • Encryption management, including those built into the operating system;
  • Advanced integration with SIEM systems, installation of OS and third-party software.

What is behind this?

1. As we know, Kaspersky is able to find and treat viruses that got on the PC through the mail client, there are even separate plug-ins for this, for example, for MS Outlook.
But what if we catch viruses directly on the mail server before it reaches the user's workstation?
This functionality is offered to us by the EXTENDED edition.

2. What is meant by "Patch Management"?
In fact, everything is simple, who is familiar with the products of the Microsoft System Center and Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) class products, Kaspersky performs the same set of functions. Agree, it is convenient, especially in the context of import substitution.
Kaspersky Systems Management centralizes and automates such tasks, the distribution of OS updates and popular applications (Java, Adobe, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, etc.), the very vulnerabilities that often become the source of an information security incident.

3. Everything is simple here, an analogue of BitLocker with the possibility of remote centralized management. And just like in the previous case, it is very convenient in terms of import substitution. supports domestic operating systems.

4. As you have noticed, all the functionality of the EXTENDED version is one way or another aimed at replacing the products we already know from Microsoft, which will both save money and get a single tool for managing the entire ecosystem.
In the case of point 4, this is a full-fledged analogue of WDS (Windows Deployment Services). In addition to managing and distributing OS images, it allows you to build and supplement them on the fly.

As you can see, quite an interesting functionality that allows you to close many aspects of information security in a company in a single centralized solution.
Our certified engineers will help you implement this product and configure all its components, and extended support from GIANT will allow you to FAST (who worked with support from Kaspersky understands why this word is highlighted) to receive answers and advice on this and others products.

If you have any questions about the functionality or want to get acquainted with the implementation and deployment scenarios - leave a request below, we will tell you everything.
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